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About Rarewine

RAREWINE AUSTRIA was founded in May 1999 . The company is a pure family enterprise. We centred our lives around our common appreciation of good wines and the continually growing interest in wine in general. The aforementioned appreciation grew into a passion. Our pastime became our profession.

Over a period of years we established good relationships with winemakers, originally to source good wines for our private lives, for friends and ac-quaintances. We undertook many wine-tasting trips and also invited our friends to ac-company us on these oenological and culinary odysseys to share our philosophy with them.

This was the foundation which prompted us to found our wine trading business in May 1999. Rarewine Austria specialized right from the beginning in the sale of exclusive wines in the online sector. Company focus is on up market wine culture and top class unaltered wines.

Customer requirements are what count most at Rarewine Import. We combine stylish elegance with that personal touch. We treat our customers to our undivided attention and then quickly fulfil their wishes and desires.

It is especially important to this company to do business honestly and to provide the customers with clearly represented, reasonable, fair prices. A transparent Internet presence for our customers as well as a simple yet professional structure of the company are of great import to us.

That is why our main goal is to satisfy customer needs. Come and see for your-self!


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